Susan Query Pottery, Painting Asheville NC

Susan Query

pottery, paintings, snakesticks

Meet Susan

Susan Query Pottery, Painting Asheville NC

I have been creating art all of my life. My professional career focused primarily on education and counseling, but throughout my life I have engaged in creative endeavors, either through self-taught efforts or from private and class instruction.

After moving to Asheville, N.C. in 2013, I began focusing more on developing my skills working with clay, and took classes in the Asheville River Arts District and at John C. Campbell Folk School. As a result of my growing enthusiasm for developing skills with other media, I also studied painting with acrylics and oils, blacksmithing, wood turning, jewelry making, and “snake stick” design. I believe I am living my dream as an evolving artist, expressing my creativity and letting it guide me.

My current focus is on creating hand-built, whimsical stoneware pieces that incorporate natural elements for texture and color. Many of my pieces are functional, and others are purely whimsical and can be used in the home or garden. 

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